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Timing is everything

Act for the right thing at the best time.

About us

We bring Technology into Astrology

We have transformed hundreds of books, astrology classes, treasures from seminars, podcasts and research into one single platform.

Gain wisdom of ancient knowledge at your fingertips.

Learn by doing.
Learn by sharing.
Learn by comparing.
Learn with perspective.

We launch the first astro app that leverages the most advanced technology software into personal insight.

Test how your major life events align with our timeline and be best prepared for your next peak.

Start your journey of discovery full of personal insights.

  • Integrate our API into your own platform
  • Check your peaks
  • Experience self-development with friends

A range of APIs

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Get to know what to do at the right timing.

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Get personal insights to activate your full potential.



Get the dynamic of a group at a glance and gain empathy.

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