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You make 35 000 choices everyday

Timing is everything. Focus on the right thing at the right time.

About us

We bring perspective

Are you overwhelmed by all the decisions everyday?

To relieve some stress on the choices you face, we bring perspective.
By combining astrology and data science together, we provide you with a handy tool to be better prepared for what to come and ultimately live a happier life.

Empower yourself, get insights about yourself and make the best possible choices.
Start a journey of discovery full of personal insights.

  • Get the essence of ancient knowledge
  • Bring it to your day-to-day
  • Validate patterns of events with AI
  • Visualise your storyline

Your self-coach companion

Item 1

Bubble Me Profiling

Bubble Me generates personality reports made of bubbles. Focus on your strengths and discover your romantic partner profile.


Bubble Us Matching

Bubble Us is a comparison matrix of different personalities. It returns a ranking of the best matches for romantic and work relationships, and the best similarities between you and your friends.

Item 3

Bubble Trends Timing

Bubble Trends prepare you for the right opportunity. Have a look at your highlighted important time spans.

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