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Regret is usually
a waste of time

Learn about yourself, about others and about your life path. Live your best life.

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We bring perspective

Have you ever asked to yourself "Why did it happen to me"? Or "When will it happen"?

Astrology aims to describe the planetary influences on the human nature and milestones of its destiny.
Juggling with the numerous dimensions to uncover the Astrology essence is a complex exercise.

Data Science is all about getting insight and patterns from data. It combines multiple fields including statistics, scientific methods and data analysis to extract value from data.

By applying Data Science on Astrology, using life events of thousands of public people, we create a learning set to test the validity of Astrology precepts.

Our data lab research, our readings, our life experience have convinced us there is indeed an astral influence on people, their behaviour, their motives, their major life events.

Test how your major life events align with our timeline.
Get prepared for what to come and drive your potential to its fullest to make the best possible choices.

Start your journey of discovery full of personal insights.

  • Get the essence of ancient knowledge
  • Bring it to your day-to-day
  • Validate patterns of events with AI
  • Visualise your storyline

Your self-coach companion

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Your timeline prepares you for the right opportunity. Travel through time, test what happened in the past and discover the highlighted time spans to come. Get ready to embrace your momentum.

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Dig down to experience a new kind of personality profile. Focus on your strengths and unlock your full potential. Be more satisfied and (re)direct your energy to a more successful life.



Get a ranking of your best match from Tinder, save time and energy by only dating the top 3. Comparing your profile to others is a powerful way to learn about yourself and better understand others.

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